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Post-Pandemic Recovery Services for Enterprise Brands

May 8, 2020|

As the nation begins to enter the first phase of reopening the economy and we slowly prepare ourselves for a “new normal,” multi-location brands must balance continuing lockdowns with preparations to re-open locations across some states and regions. Our team of local marketing experts is here to help you elevate your local presence - from maintaining accurate, up-to-date listings and landing pages, to managing your brand’s online reputation and responding to customer feedback, to leveraging powerful analytics to inform your strategy - the Open Local Platform will keep you connected with your customers when they need you the most. Our

3 Important Local Marketing Tips for Restaurant Brands Reopening Locations

May 7, 2020|

Restaurant brands across the country are eager to get employees back to work and cash registers ringing again. While no industry has been untouched by the devastation of COVID-19, foodservice brands have been dealt a particularly difficult hand. Over 8 million restaurant workers were laid off or furloughed, and the industry had already lost $80 billion in sales by the end of April, according to the National Restaurant Association. Some restaurants were forced to close temporarily, while others have operated only on a limited takeout or delivery basis. As your brand plans to reopen restaurants or ramp up from reduced

4 Local Marketing Tips For Financial Institutions During Phase 1 of Opening Up America

May 6, 2020|

Over the past few months, financial institutions have drastically shifted their daily operations to comply with both federal and state regulations to better assist customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. While 97% of the US population were adhering to stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders, many states have been able to slowly resume operations as of May 1, 2020, adjusting to a “new normal”. As the economy begins to reopen, businesses nationwide must communicate critical updates to their post-pandemic procedures, changes in operations, and safety protocols they’ll be adhering to ensure the safety of customers, as our society remains, understandably, still on edge.

Social Proof: 7 Tactics to Increase Website Conversions [Guest Post]

May 5, 2020|

Businesses put ample effort into increasing website conversions and, as a result, revenue. They improve website design, heavily invest in paid advertising, refine their marketing efforts to gain more website visitors, etc. But, there’s one powerful method to increase website conversions which many businesses lose sight of: social proof. Why does social proof (testimonials, star ratings, activity notifications, etc.) convert visitors into customers better? The thing is, people are more likely to make a purchase if they confide in a given website. The fact is, we don’t buy from someone we don’t have trust with. Almost 90 percent of customers

Opening Up America: Expert Local Marketing Guidance For Enterprise Brands

May 4, 2020|

As guidelines for slowly reopening the U.S. economy become more clear, enterprise brands must start planning for how to effectively shift their local marketing initiatives. Based on the recommendations of federal, state and local governments, with guidance from health experts, select businesses are now allowed to open their locations, depending on the state/county they are located in, while others must remain closed for the time being. For any of your locations that are able to welcome customers through their doors, now is the time to communicate this pertinent information to your customers. The best way to do this through your

How an Experienced Enterprise Search Partner Helps: Mediahub’s Local SEO Journey

May 1, 2020|

Ezekireal (Zeek) Thomas is a Strategist with Mediahub. In this interview-based post, he shares tips and advice to help enterprise brands make the most of their local search partner relationship. The local search and listings issues that brands face at the enterprise level are substantial, but Zeek Thomas loves the challenge of the search industry. As a strategist with Mediahub, he works with Wyndham Worldwide and the 14 hotel chains within its brand.  Zeek’s focus is on driving traffic to locations across the US, as well as monitoring international locations, as well. We asked him to share his enterprise local

The Value of Custom Local Reporting for Franchise Brands

April 28, 2020|

We talk often about the importance of brand marketers having a direct line of sight into search data at the local level. For franchise brands, it’s critical that search insights are made accessible to franchisees, as well.  Data is key to many decisions made at the enterprise level—in fact, 56% of organizations leveraging analytics are experiencing faster and more effective decision making, and more than half are realizing better financial performance, according to Microstrategy’s most recent Global State of Enterprise Analytics report. What’s more, 46% of organizations have been able to identify and create new product and revenue streams through

7 Content Tips for More Effective Local Online Marketing

April 27, 2020|

We know the statistics well enough by now to understand the critical importance of local relevance in your brand’s marketing. According to Google, 88% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit or call a store within a day and what’s more, nearly 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information. But what exactly are searchers looking for—what is it that inspires them to choose one brand’s location listing over another? The following content tips will help elevate your local online marketing. We have a pretty good idea of what Google is looking for in the

Mobile Local Playbook: What You Need to Succeed in 2020 [Whitepaper]

April 23, 2020|

Download the Playbook now Mobile devices have become an integral component of everyday life. In fact, the average consumer spends over 5 hours on their phone and checks it about 58 times daily. During this time, they are browsing social media, searching for answers to immediate questions, and looking for products and services near them via local search.  Increasingly, this behavior has leaked into the physical purchasing process as well. Many customers now continue to use their mobile devices once they have entered a business to check stock availability, compare prices, find deals, and more. Indeed, in-store mobile search queries grown

COVID-19: Changing Consumer Behavior & How It Affects Brands [Infographic]

April 21, 2020|

Who could have foreseen that a pandemic would sweep the globe, leaving many of us sick and economic turmoil at every turn? Perhaps the greatest impact of COVID-19 to date is the uncertainty it has caused at every level, from the school classroom to the board office and beyond. The Coronavirus pandemic has infiltrated virtually every aspect of our lives, drastically changing consumer behavior and now, we’re getting an early look at exactly what that means for consumers and the brands who serve them. New research reports and survey results from Ipsos, Binary Fountain, Nielsen, Forrester, and others are giving