By Bill Connard / VP of Local Search

Last week, our sponsored webinar, Women’s Fashion Retailer, charming charlie Increased Online Traffic by 250%, demonstrated the context and real time payoff of having local and mobile search tools and strategies in place. During the course of the webinar, we polled the audience on some topics relevant to local search.

First, host Rand Schulman, digital marketing pioneer and executive, set the stage by stating that sources such as Google and Comscore show that 70% of online searches are local. In addition, he discussed how social recommendations (e.g. Facebook likes) are impacting local search results.

When asked to the audience, “Have you thought about the impact of social on your local search results?” an astounding 83% indicated that yes they have.

rio seo case study poll results #1

I was glad to hear this since Bing announced it is integrating social networks into search results and Facebook recently rolled out of the Open Graph feature. It is important that those of us ingrained in the search marketing industry be quick to adapt and constantly look out to the horizon to see what’s coming.

Our second poll question, “Do you currently build mobile and/or local landing pages to maximize local search presence?” revealed that almost 53% of listeners do not have local landing pages built.

rio seo case study poll results #2

Knowing firsthand how difficult it can be to work across teams with IT and Creative Services to decide (1) where the local landing pages will reside and (2) what they should look like; is no simple task. My advice is to keep going for it! Once completed, you will be amazed how much your online visibility will improve and drive offline results.

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