By Chris Reid / GM of Rio SEO

Over the last year, leading marketing consultants at Satrix Solutions and Forrester Research recognized Rio SEO for having outstanding customer service and superior search technology, respectively.

I’m extremely proud of my team for achieving these accolades over the past year; being named ‘the only leader’ in Forrester’s evaluation of SEO software platforms is a testimony to the innovation of our technology, the strength of our customer partnerships, and the passion our team retains in attempt to continuously achieve our overall mission.

The importance of customer satisfaction is an integral part of that mission and our culture built around passion, innovation and partnership.

To measure our progress toward providing our customers with an outstanding service, support and software performance experience, we embraced the Net Promoter discipline.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key indicator we monitor closely.  We also hold ourselves accountable for the semiannual NPS results. Carefully considering and acting upon the feedback we receive from our customers has been an essential element in our continuous goal to improve the value received from our local and mobile search solutions, SEO analytics and automation tools, and social media marketing software. This critical feedback leads to specific actions related to how we communicate, serve our customers, and improve our product offerings.

I’m proud to announce that our most recent Net Promoter Score ranks us among the nation’s most customer-focused software providers. Our customers were thrilled with our responsiveness, customer service, value and partnership.  Below is a word cloud from the survey that reveals just how our customers describe their partnership with Rio SEO.
Rio SEO Customer Service best in Industry

Our customers’ satisfaction was also presented through actual comments like this:   “We have seen a tremendous growth with the assistance of Rio SEO.  Our account team is quick to respond and available when urgent issues come up.”

Looking ahead to the second half of the year, we will continue our commitment to customer satisfaction and being a provider of innovative search technologies.  We have some exciting product updates coming soon and I look forward to the value these features will provide to our customers.

If you would like to read further about our customer dedication and partnerships, please check out this NPS case study compiled by Satrix Solutions.