The commercial intent of local mobile queries is undeniable. Within a day of using a smartphone to search for products or services nearby, more than half of consumer experiences include a visit to a local store.

The local search ecosystem is a great opportunity for local stores to connect, but an incredible challenge for multi-location brands. How can a brand with hundreds or even thousands of locations control the message being distributed at the local level? At the same time, how can they empower those local franchisees to create and distribute the hyperlocal content consumers crave?

Two unique brands, Hallmark and Teleflora, have mastered their local-to-national integrated marketing strategy. Using Rio SEO’s Local Manager platform, they boosted the consumer experience.

Here’s how.

Hallmark Marries Local Content Authoring & Data with National Controls

Hallmark is a massive brand with over 2,000 Gold Crown retail outlets across the U.S. They found it challenging to collect information like accurate store hours across the chain. This pain point was particularly amplified when holidays, weather conditions or other unpredictable factors meant irregular hours in various locations.

Hallmark understands that the consumer experience includes a multitude of digital content channels. These include search engines, websites and email to social networks and family/friend recommendations. But at some point in their purchasing journey, the vast majority of consumers turn to a search engine. Approximately 85% use search to learn about products and services in their local area.

Meeting Consumers in Their Moment of Need

Meeting those consumers (who are increasingly searching from mobile devices) in their moments of need with accurate, relevant content is critical, which according to the Q2 2016 Merkle report, Google produced 86% of all organic search visits in the U.S. and 90% of mobile organic search visits.

In fact, failing to do so is more than a missed opportunity. It can also affect the brand in negative ways. Upon closer investigation of Google business reviews, Hallmark found that people reported seeing inaccurate store hours’ data within search results. This lead to poor user experiences and even a few negative reviews as their near-me moments presented stores they thought were open, but were actually closed. An even bigger concern is the unknown, how many more had a poor experience but said nothing?

Using Local Manager solved this issue, enabling Hallmark to meet local consumers in search with the information needed to resolve their query, converting them to in-store customers.

Access to local data needs to be local, and yet brands must protect the integrity of that data, as well. Multiple user levels are key, giving users at the district, regional, and local levels the appropriate layers of access.

Teleflora Solves Its Reporting Challenges with a Holistic View of Local SEO Performance

Florist network Teleflora had a different sort of challenge. Their unique business structure means the brand’s local marketing needs are unique, as well. It offers online and offline marketing services to local, independent flower shops, connecting local consumers with over 13,000 florists across North America (and an additional 20,000 worldwide).

Florists pay to be a member of the Teleflora network and get leads through Internet marketing. It’s critical that Teleflora be able to see at a glance how local campaigns are performing across the network, and also that each location have access to powerful reporting tools for their location only.

SEO Reporting Dashboard

Rio SEO’s Local Manager platform includes an in-depth suite of local SEO tools and reports, empowering each Teleflora location to review their shop’s local SEO performance including citation accuracy, local and organic rank, and integrated review content and scores. Each member of this network of independent florists can log in to the white-labeled dashboard to review their store’s data.

Reporting access is based on user role, so while florists see only their shop(s), Teleflora’s corporate stakeholders have access to these metrics rolled up across all locations for a holistic view of local performance for the entire program.

Giving the brand the much-needed combination of local content and national controls, Local Manager also increases communication and transparency by leveraging the power of distribution the corporation is paying for at a national level.

Local Manager: Brands Empowering Franchisees & Location Managers

Location data management must be accessible at the local level to power relevant, timely location-specific content. And yet brands cannot afford to completely hand over the reins to hundreds or even thousands of location managers. Further, franchisees and local managers require national support and guidance in all levels of marketing activities. This sentiment is especially true amongst smaller locations, where marketing talent may be slim or entirely unaffordable.

Rio SEO’s Local Manager delivers the tools enterprise brands need to ensure stakeholders across the organization are equipped and empowered for customer engagement marketing.


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