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Top 4 Google Reviews Updates You Need to Know Now

By |2022-12-01T08:38:27-08:00December 1, 2022|Blog Posts, Reputation Management|

Google Business Profiles (GBPs) are an essential tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility online. Formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), this tool allows businesses to create a free account and manage their information across multiple platforms—including Google Maps and Search. With over 20 million businesses listed on Google Maps, ensuring your brand

What is the Ideal Customer Experience Model for Multi-Location Brands?

By |2022-11-30T06:42:40-08:00November 30, 2022|Blog Posts|

As brands expand their reach into new markets, they face unique challenges. How do you ensure consistency across multiple locations? What should you consider before rolling out a new store or location? How do you create the optimal customer journey at each of your stores? How do you remain a customer-centric organization while overseeing hundreds

Personalized Content Definition: Understanding How to Create Impactful Local Customer Experiences

By |2022-11-29T07:57:50-08:00November 29, 2022|Blog Posts, Customer Experience|

While the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be assessed, two of the largest changes were in how to effectively market your business and understand shifts in consumer shopping behavior. When global shutdowns took place in 2020, consumers turned to online shopping. According to United States census data, online shopping increased by 43%

Local Consumer Search Behavior Trends October 2022

By |2022-11-28T13:21:28-08:00November 28, 2022|Blog Posts, Local Search Data|

If your brand experienced declining views in local search listings through October, you’re not alone. Average total listing views and search volume declined from September in nearly all verticals we track in our monthly aggregation and analysis of Google Business Profile (GBP) insights for over 170,000 diverse U.S. enterprise brand locations.  The exceptions were in

Google Business Profile Agency Dashboard 101: Tips for Getting Started

By |2022-11-09T12:49:42-08:00November 9, 2022|Agencies, Blog Posts, Google Business Profile|

Managing marketing an abundance of business locations effectively can be burdensome for even the most seasoned marketer. For enterprise multi-location brands, engaging an agency partner can help alleviate the burden of managing your locations' Google Business Profiles at scale. Through detailed and ongoing location management, agencies enable quick updates across all prominent search engines, such

10 Top Takeaways From Google Search On 2022

By |2022-11-07T07:13:49-08:00November 7, 2022|Blog Posts|

Google’s recent Search On 2022 event, its third annual event in this informative series, offered a rare peek into the inner workings of the world’s most popular search engine, particularly how Google is using machine learning to improve the search experience. Google described this event as “going beyond the search box to create multidimensional search

10 Tips to Strengthen Your Local Pages Before Black Friday

By |2022-11-01T12:54:19-07:00November 1, 2022|Blog Posts, Local Marketing, Local SEO|

Black Friday falls on November 25 this year, and while this has traditionally been seen as the kickoff to the holiday season, experts believe seasonal shopping may already be underway. Ongoing supply chain and economic concerns, coupled with last year’s gift shipping woes, have U.S. consumers opening their wallets earlier than ever. Even in 2021,

What is brand awareness – a complete guide

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Apple versus Android; Nike versus Adidas; Pepsi versus Coca-Cola. No matter which side of the divide you fall on, you most likely stick to it (and defend it) with a commitment bordering on stubbornness. And that’s the power of brand awareness. If you’re team Nike, you won’t think twice about who to buy your next pair of trainers from; if you’re firmly in the Pepsi camp and feeling parched, you already know which

Continuous Scrolling on Google Mobile: What Does it Mean For Brands?

By |2022-10-27T09:41:59-07:00October 27, 2022|Blog Posts, Google Business Profile|

Google recently announced a major change to the mobile search experience by way of the introduction of continuous scrolling. This new functionality builds on This new functionality builds on the search engine marketshare leader's redesign of the mobile search results page, which began rolling out early in 2021. By removing the natural stopping point that