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The Evolution of Google AI in Local Search

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Google Search has become increasingly complex, and it's no wonder. The informational needs of constantly connected consumers continue to evolve, and search algorithms must adapt to keep up. And do they ever; Google's algorithms are updated hundreds to thousands of times each year. Google's mission is simple: "to organize the world's information and make it

Top 2022 Marketing Conferences to Attend: Live and Virtual Events

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Slowly but surely, marketing conferences are returning to normal and away from solely virtual events. There is an excellent wide range of in person events, virtual events, and even hybrid conferences to take advantage of this year. But, let’s discuss some important factors before you set your 2022 marketing conferences and networking schedule. First, you

Google’s November 2021 Local Search Update: What Does it Mean for Enterprise Brands?

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On December 16, 2021, Google officially announced that its November 2021 Local Search Update had concluded. This update “involved a rebalancing of various factors we consider in generating local search results,” Google said and ran from November 30 through December 8. Our November 2021 local search update has concluded. It began Nov 30 and ran through

5 Local Marketing Predictions for 2022

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As a marketer, you’re likely already well into planning your 2022 marketing strategy. From drastic shifts in consumer behavior to technology advancing, it’s safe to assume your 2021 strategy will look much different for the new year to come. Taking current trends into consideration, our experts’ local marketing predictions for 2022 can help you solidify

Rio SEO’s 7 Top Webinars of 2021

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Each month Rio SEO hosts webinars to better inform, educate, and inspire local marketers. We host industry experts, Google Business Profile experts, marketing professionals, agencies, and more to share their insights and experience. Our goal with our webinars is simple: to help multi-location businesses scale their local marketing efforts efficiently and with the right tools.

Rio SEO’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

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In this blog, we will share the top 10 blog posts of 2021 to revisit timely local marketing updates, what marketers were most concerned about, and how to shift your strategy to continue to succeed in 2022. The past few years have reshaped consumer behavior. The term “unpredictable” doesn’t do justice to the ups and

5 Strategies For Holiday Local Marketing Success in 2021

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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and undoubtedly, your holiday local marketing strategy likely looks different than it did a few years ago. While the pandemic continues to affect business operations, early predictions for the holidays show it won’t have a heavy impact on sales. Sales are anticipated to rise 2.7% compared to 2020, with