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Measuring Your Content Marketing Efforts with Rio SEO Social Analytics

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Campmor, an in store and online camping gear and equipment retailer based in the Northeast, has been busy with its online marketing efforts this summer. Google featured a case study on Campmor’s dynamic remarketing success in May, and since then, Campmor has completed another digital marketing test to enhance its content strategy and provide more

Expanded Social Remarketing Capabilities for Brands and Publishers

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By Ben Straley / Vice President of Social Technologies, Rio SEO For the last several years, many of our customers asked us a simple question. “Can I remarket to my influencers and can you find others online like them?” With the enhancements to our social remarketing capabilities we announced today, I’m thrilled to say the

Local Search Data Distribution Doesn’t End with the Search Engines

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By Sarah Berger / Director of Business Development, Rio SEO A decade in Boston spent with classmates from Maine cultivated a common phrase for inaccessible businesses with unpredictable routes and inaccurate addresses. “You can’t get there from here.” Losing potential customers, who are actively seeking your business, can cost your brand revenue and negatively impact

Search and Social Finally Integrated in First Local SEO Software Offering with Facebook Open Graph

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Were excited to announce the our latest press release announcing three NEW upgrades to Rio SEO Local Search Solutions 2.0™. One upgrade in particular is making huge waves: the first integration of local SEO with Facebook Open Graph Search. This first-of-its-kind upgrade with Facebook is now a key component of the Rio SEO Local Search