As digital marketers, we always want to better define our target audience. We also want to increasingly provide more relevant messaging. At Rio SEO we recently initiated an internal implementation of our patent-pending Tag and Trace™ social analytics technology through Rio SEO Social Analyze™. Additionally, we integrated it with our CRM database. With this advancement, our marketing team is now able to track, identify, and engage our most influential social audience. We do this through retargeting campaigns.

Strengthening Social Influencer Identification Tracking

The integration of the Rio SEO Social Analyze tracking software with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform has produced an innovative lead-tracking and identifier tool. The combination of the two platforms has provided our sales team with a detailed prospect profile. This allows them to measure and identify key content social advocates as they engage with our content.

Our social analytics software uses our Tag & Trace engine to identify our site visitors and track their multi-generational word of mouth sharing in real-time, even through traditional “dark social” methods like copy and paste.

Engaging Active Prospects for Social ROI

When visitors of our site enter their information into a Salesforce Web-2-Lead form on our website, Rio SEO’s Social Analyze attaches the Tag & Trace unique identifier to the prospect’s profile. This connection allows our marketing team to directly correlate potential prospects back to online social engagement and activity. This allows for further analysis and measurement.

Then, once the most influential visitors or prospects have been identified, digital marketers have the opportunity to re-target to the most active prospects with display advertising. They also have the opportunity to build content around what is shared the most.

Importance of Effective Content Marketing

Content marketing goals are progressively moving from soft metrics like awareness and engagement to revenue goal contributions and lead generation. So now the need for direct-path tracking around web and social campaigns becomes increasingly essential for digital marketers. Marketing Charts recently reported that content marketing objectives have shifted over the past year. Consumer engagement marketing focuses more now on lead generation. Moreover, it has grown to represent 44 percent of content marketing goals. It also represents 12 percent of the average content marketing budget.

Most importantly, this data represents the next step towards completing the convergence digital analytics circle. It does this by tying content marketing, social media influence, and sales CRM to the individual level.

So if my personal marketing story helped your organization or if you simply want more social analytics insights, Download our latest whitepaper, SEO + Social: The Most Effective Advertising Mix.

Tyler Ludwig / Interactive Marketing Manager, Rio SEO