Home News Rio SEO partners with movable ink to optimize customer experiences by delivering relevant, hyperlocal content

Rio SEO partners with movable ink to optimize customer experiences by delivering relevant, hyperlocal content

Rio SEO partners with movable ink to optimize customer experiences by delivering relevant, hyperlocal content
San Diego

Multi-location enterprise brands now have the ability to streamline and improve their local customers’ experience through targeted email and mobile marketing campaigns.

Rio SEO and Movable Ink have formed a strategic partnership to further streamline the search experience for their customers by delivering relevant content in email and mobile communications. Rio SEO is the leading provider of an all-in-one local marketing platform proven to increase online visibility. Movable Ink is the leading content personalization provider.

By partnering together, marketers are better able to distribute local store data seamlessly within email and mobile marketing communications, ensuring accurate store information is visible within every consumer interaction. This hyperlocal level of personalization ensures only relevant and targeted information is served to the e-mail or mobile recipient, which in turn, reduces unsubscribe rates and encourages sales and customer retention.

Customer expectations have vastly expanded over the past few years. They want to spend less time searching for what they need and figuring out where to find it. By partnering with Movable Ink, our clients are better able to surface important information in digital campaigns, such as the location’s hours and address, location-specific products and promotions, and more. This eliminates friction in the sales journey and provides an optimized user experience.”

Brian Smith
Director of Partnerships and Strategy at Rio SEO

Rio SEO’s API provides store information and location details. Combined with Movable Ink, marketers can display recent store information and location details in an easily scalable and personalized way.

Personalized experiences are no longer an optional part of a marketer’s program. Consumer expectations have rapidly shifted in the last few years, and brands that do not provide customer-centric experiences will be left behind. We’re excited to partner with Rio SEO to offer our clients yet another way to activate their data to provide best-in-class communications that are hyper-tailored to each individual and device, and drive significant long-term customer value.”

Adam Stambleck
President & Chief Client Officer, Movable Ink

Rio SEO clients can amplify their email and mobile marketing campaigns and serve hyperlocal content to their customers by contacting their Account Director. New customers should contact Rio SEO for more information about its expansive suite of local marketing solutions.

Our partnership with Rio SEO and Movable Ink has allowed us the ability to provide highly personalized messaging that provides our customers with the best shopping option based on their location and their past shopping behaviors. Their technology and partnership with Movable Ink made them a delight to work with during all phases of the project.

Connor Hurson
CRM & Loyalty Manager, North America at Pandora

Rio SEO joins more than sixty integration partners as part of the Movable Ink Exchange, a collection of the most widely used and trusted marketing technologies. The Movable Ink Exchange enables marketers to quickly unlock the value of their existing technology investments to generate personalized content. Each integration comes with a layer of reliability, support, and reference applications to give you peace of mind and to help you achieve marketing success.

To learn more about Rio SEO’s integration with Movable Ink, visit Rio SEO’s website and its Exchange listing.

To learn more about Rio SEO’s LX Platform, visit here.

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Rio SEO is the leading Local Experience Platform for enterprise brands. The Local Experience Platform provides multilocation organizations with a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated suite of turnkey local marketing solutions proven to increase brand visibility across search engines, social networks, map applications, and more. The world’s leading enterprise brands – retailers, restaurants, hospitality, financial services, healthcare, and more – rely on Rio SEO’s innovative technology and local marketing expertise to drive motivated, measurable online traffic to websites and physical locations. Rio SEO is part of Forsta, a global leader in customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and market research (MR). The combined technologies of Forsta and Rio SEO enable brands to engage consumers throughout the entire customer journey from discovery to purchase to advocacy. Rio SEO is a PG Forsta company.

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