out scoring your competitors with Google Posts Playbook

Content is king, right?

In the case of Google Posts, content a big play between your quarterback and receiver – it’s all that matters! Your Google Post content catches the reader’s attention and passes them to your website. It can even coach Google on a thing or two.

That’s right – in addition to amplifying the promotional and educational information you want to share with consumers, Google Posts can significantly and positively impact on your SEO strategy. How can your brand take advantage of all that this new tool within your Google My Business dashboard has to offer? And can you do it at scale across your many locations? Huddle up around this Google Posts Playbook to find out.

For example: Currently, only 17% of businesses have ever created a Google Post, and less than 5% have done so in the last 7
days. There’s a massive opportunity here for your business to use this innovative local search tactic to increase your
visibility in search results, engage searchers and ultimately convert more searchers to in-store traffic.

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