The local marketing landscape is constantly shifting. For multi-location brands to succeed in local search, they must stay up to speed with these shifts and adapt accordingly. As a new year approaches, companies will see the continuation of many current trends as well as the emergence of new ones as technology continues to evolve.

Marketing Lessons Learned from 2019

Over the past year, local search marketing experts focused on four key trends that helped to shape their strategies. These were:

  • The increasing value and indispensability of artificial intelligence and automation
  • The growing importance of technical SEO in addition to keyword-based SEO techniques
  • A rise in demand for quality, in-depth and authoritative content
  • Voice search remains informational over transactional, yet cannot be ignored by businesses 

These trends that shaped 2019 will not become suddenly obsolete in 2020. Rather, multi-location brands must be prepared to take these local SEO lessons forward and combine them with new developments on the horizon.

Emerging Marketing Trends for the New Decade

While not even the most prolific local search strategists can predict every shift and outcome 2020 will bring, various data suggest that five major marketing trends will dominate the new year. The five marketing trends to watch in 2020 include:

  • The growing utility and integration of Google Maps in local searches
  • A rise in zero-click searches as Google continues to rule as the “king of data”
  • The reinvention of brick and mortar stores and the importance of digitalization, convenience, experiential shopping for customers who enjoy shopping in-person
  • A focus on personalized, fluid and highly connected customer journeys
  • The increasing use and importance of voice technology and a potential shift in the nature of voice queries from being merely informational to transactional as the decade progresses

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