Content You Need in a Voice Search World

In a local search landscape that is increasingly driven by voice queries, does your brand have what it takes to compete in the search results?

In much the same way as Google taught us to type questions into a search box to find solutions to our needs so many years ago, Voice Assistants are now enabling us to solve everyday problems with spoken queries.

Pew Internet Research predicts that by 2025, AI technology aided by personal assistants will be integrated intvoice-searcho nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Today, 45% of users who use AI personal assistants said they use Siri. Thirty-three percent use Google, which just may be the best platform for serving Q&A based searches on the backbone of its knowledge base and user search history. Even so, Amazon’s Alexa garners the largest piece of personal assistant market share, despite that it is somewhat limited based on the reliance of other search infrastructures.

Arguably the most important function of Voice Search is that it enables users to multitask and accomplish tasks quickly, with instant access to answers and information. Voice is all about making the daily routine easier, and consumers are eagerly getting onboard. How can you maximize your exposure in search for all of your locations in a voice-driven world?

Download this POV for a few content types needed to rank and get seen (and heard) in the era of voice search.