Whitepaper_ personalized local contentConsumers increasingly search online for local products and services and continue to purchase at brick and mortar stores. National brands with multiple local operations often face challenges in delivering localized content for both searcher and search engines. Moreover, delivering a targeted, personalized and relevant experience remains a challenge. Taking advantage of local marketing is—and should be—a priority for all marketers.

For marketers, effectively delivering personalized local content to consumers to build long-lasting and profitable relationships maintains its importance. To that end, this white paper explores how brands can engage local consumers with personalized, relevant and meaningful website content.

Note: This white paper is based on a webcast from Digital Marketing Depot entitled Personalized Local Content: Frightful or Insightful.

Download this white paper and discover:

  • First: a look at the evolution of local and the introduction of localization
  • Then: what searchers want – and need
  • Finally: tips for creating localized content

There’s no question that people are very accepting of personalization. In fact, in this white paper, you’ll see most adults (62%) under the age of 34 are willing to share their location in exchange for personalized content. For them, relevancy is more important than privacy.

What’s covered:

  • Search engines look for strong store locators
  • Local directories benefit enterprise at local and corporate levels
  • National brands can personalize
  • Personalization at scale
  • Why personalize on mobile?
  • Localization is the ultimate personalization

In sum, explore how your brand can use local content that is relevant and meaningful for online customer engagement today!

Download this white paper on personalized local content: