European Wax Center’s Customized Reporting Solution Smooths Local Franchisee Challenges

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Even the most recognizable, reputable organizations encounter challenges when it comes to local search marketing. Such was the case for leading beauty franchise, European Wax Center, a company dedicated to helping both men and women look and feel the most confident versions of themselves through expert waxing services. A company known for stripping away people’s

Case Study: European Wax Center

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European Wax Center, a leading beauty franchise, was in need of a trusted partner to help drive search visibility and increase waxing service reservations. That’s when they turned to Rio SEO for help. Rio SEO’s solution combined powerful Local Listings and Custom Reporting Solution with expertly managed services to tackle European Wax Center’s former challenges and significantly enhance their local search marketing. Download the case study to learn more about the custom solution.

Case Study: Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group

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Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group operates over 75 offices with 220 healthcare providers throughout southeastern Virginia, so having one tool to manage its reputation management and listings management was crucial to responding to every patient's need online. Read our case study to learn how Rio helped TPMG with their listings management.

Case Study: Top Steakhouse Grills the Local Competition with Streamlined Local Listings Management

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A popular American steakhouse chain improved its online visibility and presence across hundreds of restaurant locations, driving 19% more click-to-calls and 47% more clicks-for-directions across the brand YOY for August 2017. See how Rio SEO’s Open Local Platform and gold standard local marketing service streamlined listings management and boosted Google Search impressions for the

Hearing Device Manufacturer Boosts Local Visibility with Dealer Locator Technology

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Gaining brand visibility in local search results can be a daunting task for any retailer, but brands that sell through independent dealers and retailers face an even bigger issue: trying to be found locally when you don’t own the physical location. Rio SEO, an independent software and services company dedicated to local search had just the solution in mind for a major global hearing device manufacturer and distributor with over 500 U.S. locations.

Case Study: A Healthcare Provider is Prescribed a Healthy Dose of Online Data Accuracy by Rio SEO

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Patients and partners place a great deal of trust in healthcare organizations and rightfully demand correct information. Location data accuracy and integrity issues are massive among such organizations, therefore creating a challenge in data cleanup and finding an ongoing solution to distribute accurate location provider information. Learn how a world-renowned healthcare provider and insurer with

Case Study: How IYPs Drive Citation Accuracy for Local SEO Benefits & Improved Consumer Search Experience

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Case Study: How IYPs Drive Citation Accuracy for Local SEO Benefits & Improved Consumer Search Experience Consumers actively and increasingly rely on the Internet to deliver accurate local business information to answer their immediate needs. Yet brands aren’t consistently delivering the types of results consumers crave. A 1,500 retail