Google’s November 2021 Local Search Update: What Does it Mean for Enterprise Brands?

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On December 16, 2021, Google officially announced that its November 2021 Local Search Update had concluded. This update “involved a rebalancing of various factors we consider in generating local search results,” Google said and ran from November 30 through December 8. Our November 2021 local search update has concluded. It began Nov 30 and ran through

Rio SEO’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021

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In this blog, we will share the top 10 blog posts of 2021 to revisit timely local marketing updates, what marketers were most concerned about, and how to shift your strategy to continue to succeed in 2022. The past few years have reshaped consumer behavior. The term “unpredictable” doesn’t do justice to the ups and

A Complete Guide to the Google Business Profile Rebrand for Enterprise Brands

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Google My Business (GMB) has been rebranded as your Google Business Profile. With the announcement of this change came the release of new features and enhancements to Google’s local search profiles for businesses. What does this mean for multi-location and enterprise brands? In this guide, you’ll learn what’s new and find a complete breakdown of

Nested Search Results: Why Google Search Results Are Displaying Indented URLs

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Google is constantly testing new search features and results formats to improve the searcher experience, much in the same way that marketers are constantly testing and adjusting content to rank higher in Google’s search results. One of Google’s search results page (SERP) tweaks, specifically nested search results, caught the attention of the SEO community.  One

Google Title Tags Update: What Enterprise Marketers Need to Know

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Following industry buzz around why and how title tags were sometimes appearing differently than intended in search results, Google confirmed it is rewriting title tags. In An update to how we generate web page titles, a recent post on the Google Search Central Blog, Google’s Search Liaison Danny Sullivan explains: “Last week, we introduced a

How Multi-Location Brands Can Prepare for the Google Algorithm Page Experience Update

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  Multi-location brands be warned, the latest Google algorithm page experience update will go into effect in a few short months. If your brand isn’t equipped with the tools and knowledge to make the updates necessary, you risk being penalized and worse, missing out on opportunities to be seen by searchers. As Google strives to

Google Page Experience Update: What to Expect Come 2021

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Google’s much-anticipated Page Experience update is set to roll out in May 2021. Jeffrey Jose, Product Manager on Search at Google, explained in a recent announcement that, “The new page experience signals combine Core Web Vitals with our existing search signals including mobile-friendliness, safe-browsing, HTTPS-security, and intrusive interstitial guidelines.” The good news is that none

POV – Google’s Mobile Update

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On April 21, Google rolled out a mobile-friendly update designed to boost the rankings of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search engine results pages (SERPs). This update affected search results for individual pages only (not entire websites), globally and in all languages on mobile devices. According to Google, the main goal of this update was to