5 Tips to Protect Your Google Business Profile Hours From Unwanted Updates

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Have you ever been offput by an initial impression? Whether a person or a business, a first impression can be a lasting impression — both good or bad. As a business, your Google Business Profile (GBP) is essentially the first point of contact most local customers have with your brand. It's your first opportunity to build trust,

Benefits of Facebook Local Marketing: Go-To-Guide

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When we think of local search, we often think about Google. However, a local search may extend to a social media platform as well. Facebook is not only a social media network but also an essential platform for local business discoverability and reaching your target audience online. Each of your brand locations' Facebook Business Page

New Yelp Connect Features, Ads Services, and Search Enhancements

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Yelp has worked hard over the years at evolving to help local consumers find businesses – and businesses reach their local audience, as well. Regularly adding new features and useful updates has made Yelp an indispensable part of many marketers’ local enterprise search strategy as a result. New Yelp Connect features, ads updates, and search

2021 Google Business Profile Insights to Guide Your 2022

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Monitoring Google Business Profile insights on a regular basis can give important context to consumer behavior trends and how the economy, healthcare concerns, and other external factors contribute to your sales. For most businesses, fluctuations in sales are often predictable, given holidays, peak seasons, and more. However, the past two years were nothing short of

5 Tips to Kickstart A Career in SEO: Ask the Experts

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving industry, one which is filled with talented individuals eager to grow and stay current with emerging trends. Yet, women tend to be in the minority when pursuing an SEO career. A recent "State of SEO" report found that male SEOs comprised 70.4% of respondents in the United