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Get Personal: Facebook’s First Key Trend in Local Marketing

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After attending Street Fight Summit West in San Francisco last month, we wanted to share the latest trends in the rapidly evolving hyperlocal space. Ted Zagat, Facebook’s local product marketing manager, spoke about the six “Mega Trends” his company is focusing on this year, specifically: 1. Personalized marketing 2. Mobile user experience for all channels

Avoid Hashtag Hijacking: Build an Audience-Relevant Real Time Strategy

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By Rachel Ullstrom / Account Director at Rio SEO With the recent buzz generated by Twitter darling and awesomely terrible film “Sharknado,” I want to revisit the brand newsroom concept. Social media is real time; we are sharing in the moment, with others who are likely to see that content when its relevant and fresh. The focus always needs to be not just on getting followers and buzz, but generating long-term engaged fans who will drive lift for you over time. Flash in the pan trending can helpful in generating reach, but may not be successful long term.

Rio SEO Expands Social Remarketing Solution so Online Marketers can Engage Brand Influencers and Their Social ‘Look-alikes’

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Rio SEO Social Advertise Now Leverages the BlueKai Management Platform to Enable Activation of Social and Influencer Data to Media Targeting, Modeling and More SAN DIEGO, July 16, 2013 – Rio SEO, the leader in SEO automation and social media marketing technology, today announced a major expansion of its social remarketing solution so online marketers can advertise directly to their influencers and many more like them on the Web.

Social Audience Marketing 101

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Earned media can deliver great value to marketers and the brands they work for; it expands and extends the impact of paid and owned media and improves marketing results. Up to 70% of the visitors to any campaign site come from Social Sharing. Social visitors, those who come via sharing, convert up to four times higher than conventional visitors. But, until now it has been difficult to approach earned media and social sharing in a measurable, predictable and repeatable way… it has been much more a craft than science, but it doesn’t have to be that way!