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12 Common Mistakes Killing Your Local SEO [Webinar Recap]

By |2020-10-23T11:06:54-07:00October 23, 2020|

The pandemic has taken a toll on marketing budgets and now more than ever, organizations are looking for their SEO strategy to perform its absolute best. In many enterprises, teams are running lean and often remote even as they are faced with dramatic shifts in demand, market, and consumer behavior. It’s important to stop and

Top 2020 Local Ranking Factors for Map Pack & Local Organic Search

By |2020-10-20T10:09:35-07:00October 20, 2020|

Darren Shaw, founder and president of Whitespark, shared new insights in his recent presentation at the Whitespark Local Search Summit. In his 2020 Local Search Ranking Factors deck, Darren shared the results of his organization’s most recent local search ranking factors survey.  Developed by David Mihm in 2008, this survey is unusual in that it

How COVID-19 Has Changed Local Consumer Search Behavior [Infographic]

By |2020-10-19T10:32:58-07:00October 19, 2020|

The Coronavirus pandemic is driving dramatic shifts in consumer behavior—that much is clear. Consumers are having to put more thought into everyday decisions such as where to shop, what time of day to visit a local store, or how to procure necessary items without having to go inside a store to get them. How are

12 Tips to Maximize Local Revenue Digitally Amid a Pandemic

By |2020-10-14T05:58:42-07:00October 14, 2020|

Holiday shopping this season promises to be one of the most unusual in recent memory. Businesses can no longer expect door crashers and overnight lineups this year; nearly half of US adults surveyed by Salesforce in May said they are more interested in online shopping for the 2020 holidays than last year. In fact, 71%

Recent Apple Maps Updates and Impacts for Enterprise Local Brands

By |2020-10-12T09:43:53-07:00October 12, 2020|

Apple Maps strives to give Google Maps a run for its money and with recent updates to its local experience, MacWorld predicts it’s becoming a “viable alternative.”  Together, Apple and Google share the North American mobile operating system market. As of September 2020, iOS claimed over 53% of mobile operating system market share while 46%

7 New Consumer Insights to Drive Enterprise Local Holiday Marketing in 2020

By |2020-09-22T09:48:35-07:00September 22, 2020|

Holiday marketing presents a number of additional considerations this year, one of the most impactful and challenging to navigate being COVID-19. This year may also prompt an early start to the shopping season with only 50 days between Prime Day and Cyber Week. Logistical challenges, particularly around the pressure on last-mile capacity as more consumers

11 Tips for Enterprise Local Holiday Marketing Success Despite COVID-19

By |2020-09-14T09:07:22-07:00September 14, 2020|

It’s difficult to even hazard a guess as to how consumers will behave leading into and throughout the critical holiday shopping season. As we’ve learned throughout 2020, the state of affairs can change near-instantly. What is certain is that enterprise brands will face unique challenges in connecting with consumers at the local level and will

Apple Reviews Update: What This Means For Local Businesses

By |2020-09-03T14:03:53-07:00September 3, 2020|

Apple Maps is surfacing a new way for consumers to leave their feedback for local businesses. Consumers can now recommend local businesses by selecting a thumbs up. Alternatively, they may also leave a thumbs down if they have a negative experience with the business.  How Do Apple's Reviews Differ From Other Local Review Sites? The

Google Maps Updates: User Experience Improved for Multi-Location Brands

By |2020-09-02T09:15:38-07:00September 2, 2020|

Google Maps users may notice a new improvement to the web mapping service the next time they search for a multi-location brand. When consumers perform a branded search for a business with multiple locations, our Local SEOs have found Google Maps is now sometimes displaying a new bottom panel highlighting additional locations, as seen in

Local Ranking Factors for 2020: What It Takes to Win the Map Pack

By |2020-09-01T15:45:43-07:00September 1, 2020|

Connecting with customers at the local level is challenging enough for enterprise and multi-location brands. The Coronavirus pandemic has added an extra layer of uncertainty for local businesses of all kinds—and the customers they serve. Today, customers crave instant answers and accessible information to help them find nearby solutions to their needs. How do you