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10 Tips to Strengthen Your Local Pages Before Black Friday

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Black Friday falls on November 25 this year, and while this has traditionally been seen as the kickoff to the holiday season, experts believe seasonal shopping may already be underway. Ongoing supply chain and economic concerns, coupled with last year’s gift shipping woes, have U.S. consumers opening their wallets earlier than ever. Even in 2021,

Google’s September 2022 Product Reviews Update: A Guide for Brands

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On September 20, 2022, Google made an official announcement via its Search Central Twitter account that the most recent version of its Product Reviews update was rolling out. On September 26, its Ranking Updates tracking list was updated to say the rollout was complete. Official Twitter Announcement:  Today we released the September 2022 product reviews

Google Helpful Content Update: Tips for Enterprise Brand Success

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A new Google Search update is rolling out, and, understandably, enterprise brands have questions about if it will impact their local search visibility. Google updates are no cause for panic. The search giant is constantly updating its algorithms and testing hundreds of thousands of improvements each year, sometimes daily. However, when it publicly announces an

16 Strategies to Personalize the Local Search Customer Experience

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Consumers have come to expect personalized online experiences. In the past, Google had a fairly robust personalized search feature for several years. Recently, though, the world’s largest search engine has dialed it back. Now it says it uses only “very limited” personalization in search results. A deep level of personalization proved to be problematic for

Key Holiday Marketing Insights to Consider for 2022

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The last few years have been nothing short of tumultuous for retailer brands. Unexpected closures, confusion around health safety best practices, and a sweeping shift to ecommerce all presented new hurdles. Now that the holiday season is approaching, marketers are wondering, what will holiday shopping look like this season? This year, retailers are set to

Debunking the Top 16 Common SEO Myths Once and For All

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Search engine optimization (SEO) myths are persistent and are too often believable. Once a myth is born, it spreads like wildfire and can cause destruction across an entire site, leading to a lower organic ranking and worse, lost sales. These common SEO myths are further perpetuated by Google's ongoing search ranking algorithm updates. This begs

Benefits of Facebook Local Marketing: Go-To-Guide

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When we think of local search, we often think about Google. However, a local search may extend to a social media platform as well. Facebook is not only a social media network but also an essential platform for local business discoverability and reaching your target audience online. Each of your brand locations' Facebook Business Page

New Yelp Connect Features, Ads Services, and Search Enhancements

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Yelp works hard at evolving to help local consumers find businesses – and business owners reach their local target audience, as well. Regularly adding new features and useful updates makes Yelp an indispensable part of many marketers’ local enterprise search strategy as a result. New Yelp Connect features, ads updates, and search enhancements for business