Bill Connard, the Vice President of Local Search Solutions at Rio SEO – the software automation and analytics division of Covario, based in San Diego, California joins Enterprise Radio to tell us more about the fast-growing field of Local SEO, how it works, and its impact on businesses and retailers nationwide.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Bill Connard discuss the following:

  • Please tell us a little about your background as a thought-leader in the Local SEO space.
  • Why is Local SEO such a hot topic in the world of search and digital marketing these days?
  • Who are primary candidates for investing more of their marketing dollars into local search?
  • As a software provider, what are the primary benefits of the technology that Rio SEO offers for local search?
  • I’ve been noticing more industry news lately about Local Business Listing Management. What is local listing management and why is it important?
  • I also see that Rio SEO has announced some partnerships in this area of Local Listing Management.  How are they helping you support your customers?
  • Who are some of your largest or more interesting customers?

Duration: 11:23

Bill Connard serves as vice president of local search solutions at Rio SEO, the award-winning software division of Covario, Inc.

Previously, Bill was the founder and CEO of Top Local Search, Inc., a software provider acquired by Covario/Rio SEO in 2012 that specialized in local SEO and multi-location, local listing management.

As a successful business executive with expertise in database management, search engine optimization, website programming and local SEO since 2003, Bill has years of experience building and developing multi-location websites, distribution channels, and partnerships.

Based in San Diego, Rio SEO provides a suite of SaaS-based automation and analytic tools for local SEO, mobile search, social media marketing, and enterprise search solutions. Rio SEO was cited as “the only leader” in the 2012 Forrester Research Wave of SEO Platforms.

Originally posted on entrepreneur podcast network