Tomorrow at 11 Pacific/2 Eastern time LSA will be presenting a webinar featuring RIO SEO and Hallmark. The focus is on how national brands interact with and manage local marketing campaigns on behalf of independent franchise affiliates.

RIO’s Tyler Ludwig will lay out location-based marketing principles for enterprises and Hallmark’s Carlos Corredor will discuss holiday/event-driven local marketing for national-local brands. He’ll explain Hallmark’s progressive attitude and approach with its franchisees. He’ll also offer some recent case-study examples of campaigns from Mother’s Day and beyond.

National-local online marketing, especially where franchises are involved, is one of the most interesting and complex areas of local. Typically you’ve got a sophisticated brand sitting on top of a bunch of mostly small business merchants. Accordingly there are a number of questions that often arise:

  • How much autonomy do the franchisees have to market locally?
  • What sort of services does the brand provide and what must the local merchant do itself?
  • How much “personality” can the local affiliate exhibit (e.g., on social media) and what sort of control over brand identity and messaging does the national entity require or exert?

These are fascinating and universal issues — who “owns the brand?” — that Carlos and RIO will discuss. Beyond this, he’ll answer questions about Hallmark’s approach and what has worked. It’s going to be a terrific webinar that you won’t want to miss.

Register here.

Originally posted at LSA