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Google My Business is a critically important component of any local search strategy. In fact, GMB signals account for over 25% of your Local Pack ranking weighting and each location receives, on average, 59 direct actions from their GMB listing each month.

What’s more, brands and their locations are now competing in a zero-click world where consumers can get all of the information needed to make a decision without ever clicking through to a website. Top-quality, accurate local listings are more important than ever. And when it comes to local listings, GMB is the leader of the pack. 

As a multi-location brand, you face unique challenges in ensuring that your listings across hundreds or thousands of locations are optimized and accurate. GMB Bulk Verification is a tool designed to help you manage these listings at scale. 

Using GMB Bulk Verification for Your Business: FAQs

Rio SEO’s Krystal Taing, a Google My Business Gold Product Expert, recently answered the most frequently asked questions enterprise marketers have about GMB Bulk Verification in an article for LocalU. She has also provided a step-by-step guide to getting bulk verified including methods by which you can overcome the most common bulk verification hurdles.

In the post, Krystal dives deeper into:

  • What is GMB Bulk Verification?
  • Who is eligible for bulk verification?
  • Does my brand really need bulk verification?
  • What does bulk verification provide for multi-location businesses?
  • Why am I being prompted to re-verify after accepting edits?
  • Why am I getting an exceeded limit error when trying to upload locations?
  • How can I apply edits in bulk?
  • How to get started with bulk verification: A step-by-step guide
  • Overcoming Bulk Verification Hurdles


(Don’t see your question in Krystal’s guide? Reach out to Rio SEO on Twitter or contact our team by phone or email—we’re happy to help!)