The Internet is full of information and services, but if the visibility of the site is low it will not be accessed by many visitors, resulting in lost revenue and maybe even causing the eventual closure of the business. Even companies that have been established decades ago have to increase their web presence if they want to continue operating.

Health Testing Centers has been providing direct to consumer access to health testing for more than 30 years. The company recently has selected Rio SEO to improve its mobile and local search with local SEO and social media visibility across the country. Using its Location Finder Software, Rio SEO will build 1,000 local and mobile landing pages to make Health Testing Centers more easily accessible through organic search visibility. The company performs testing along with LabCorp and its 1,400 medical laboratories to help consumers with prevention and early detection of many different conditions with affordable and convenient testing.

The vice president of Rio SEO for local search solution says it will be using three features from the Location Finder Software platform including:

  • Automation of local landing page optimization targeting with hyperlocal SEO
  • Analytics of click and search activity to gain insight into conversions such as mobile or desktop searches
  • Address the large number of mobile users by building more mobile Web pages

“Up to this point we’ve had to manage local market information internally and build local Web pages manually. We needed a cost-efficient solution and a local page builder that could scale to all of our targeted geographic markets, while providing a consistent customer experience across the various devices people use to conduct local search online. The ultimate aim is to help consumers find us online wherever they’re located and to provide more patient access to health tests,” said David Lovely, chief executive at Health Testing Centers.

Rio SEO provides analysis, reporting, and automation of SEO with a scalable system to identify natural search opportunities to give its customers actionable data to realize their vision. It also offers software tools for auditing, automated local SEO, change tracking, content marketing, campaign activation, keyword competitive analysis, mobile site optimization, and SEO execution.

“Our automated local SEO software offering is a natural fit for large medical or professional service operations that serve tens of thousands of clients in hundreds – even thousands – of locations nationwide. In the case of Heath Testing Service, this is amplified by its mission to provide consumers with affordable, local and confidential access to medical and health tests conducted at affiliated labs in a convenient location,” said Bill Connard, vice president of local search solutions at Rio SEO.

Found Here | Edited by Jamie Epstein