On Thursday, April 25 at 1 PM EDT, Digital Marketing Depot presents “The Evolution of SEO Managers into Online Marketers,” a live webcast that looks at how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has moved out of the technology department and now plays a role in content marketing and content optimization.

Registration is free and is open at Digital Marketing Depot.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be a very technical role focused primarily around building links, viewing source code and monitoring search engine algorithm shifts. While these elements are still very important, as SEO and Content Marketing continue to merge, SEO Managers must begin to incorporate more and more marketing techniques into their strategy to stay competitive.

SEO Managers are no longer just looking to make optimization suggestions for pages after they are created, they need to make sure they are optimizing content as it is being planned and developed.

The April 25th webcast will cover the future of SEO and how content planning and content inspirational methods are becoming more and more important in the management and success of SEO programs and how SEO Managers are evolving into Online Marketers.

Speakers include Rand Schulman, Independent Consultant, Digital Executive; Pete Dudchenko, VP Product Management, Rio SEO; and, James Mathewson,Global Search Strategy Lead, IBM.

Topics will include how marketers can identify keywords and new content topics that resonate with their audience; how marketers can champion SEO efforts into more than just a post-production “after thought” by incorporating SEO into the content planning and development process; and how social marketing can feed other online marketing strategies of SEO and content promotion.

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