San Diego’s Rio SEO, an Internet search optimization software firm that spun out of Covario in April, said Tuesday that it has acquired Top Local Search to boost its capabilities in hyper local Web marketing.

The purchase price was not disclosed. The acquisition gives Rio SEO five additional hyper-local SEO software offerings in search, social media, and content marketing automation.

Search optimization is the process of getting specific Web sites to pop up higher on a Google search or other Internet search engine front page. The higher the client’s page appears on Google search, the more likely people are to click on it.

Rio SEO offers its products as a subscription software as a service. It automates mobile, social, video, and couponing promotions that are valued by consumers looking to make specific transactions at nearby locations.

Top Local Search’s Chief Executive Bill Connard and customer support manager Penny Phaneuf are among company employees who will be joining Rio SEO.

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