Search engine optimization SaaS provider RIO SEO is going really local, unveiling an upgrade that enables the integration of Facebook’s Open Graph Markup into “hyper-local” website landing pages. That’s a potentially valuable feature, particularly for businesses with multiple locations.


RIO SEO users can tag (and thereby optimize) local landing page information (e.g., name, phone and address

[NPA]; map data; description content; and links to store promotions), and then connect the data with Facebook Places pages. At the same time, micro data markup (which RIO SEO has supported for some time) is automatically included with relevant, local business data and content snippets, which can play a significant role in local SEO and organic search rankings according to the company.

“When it comes to search, social and content marketing, we have the first scalable SEO platform and content management system right out of the gate to offer local search integration with Facebook Open Graph Markup,” said Bill Connard, vice president of local search solutions at Rio SEO. “This is a real game-changer for enterprise brand marketers who need to support hundreds — even thousands — of individual store-fronts, franchisees, distributors, and/or dealers with local SEO and social media marketing.”


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