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The Rise of Zero-Clicks [On-Demand Webinar]

Zero-click searches skyrocketed in 2019, shifting the local search landscape and surfacing the inevitable need for enterprise brands to adjust their strategy for the new year.

Searches resulting without a click to a brand’s website were at a record-high in 2019. In an effort to improve the user experience, Google has enhanced search results to deliver the most relevant answer to a consumer’s question, eliminating the need for the consumer to click elsewhere. Google’s push toward zero-click search results does more than cement the company’s role as “king of data” moving into 2020. Answering customer queries on the SERP will reduce the need for consumers to visit other websites for information. The shift to answering presents both an opportunity and a challenge for SEO’s.

Watch On-Demand

In this webinar, we will dive deeper into what a zero-click world means for your brand or agency, we will discuss:

  • How zero-clicks searches are impacting your SEO strategies
  • What enterprise brands do to gain trust with potential consumers with the rise of zero-click searches
  • How businesses can secure snippets in 2020 and properly optimize to be seen
  • What the future of SERP features means for your business and how can you strategically prepare for a stellar 2020 in the emerging zero-click world

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January 30 - January 01 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 am PDT
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