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Mobile devices have become an integral component of everyday life. In fact, the average consumer spends over 5 hours on their phone and checks it about 58 times daily. During this time, they are browsing social media, searching for answers to immediate questions, and looking for products and services near them via local search

Increasingly, this behavior has leaked into the physical purchasing process as well. Many customers now continue to use their mobile devices once they have entered a business to check stock availability, compare prices, find deals, and more. Indeed, in-store mobile search queries grown 15% in recent years according to Google

It’s now evident that mobile devices are driving and informing consumer behavior from search to sale. Knowing this, multi-location businesses like yours are faced with a critical local marketing opportunity to leverage this trend. You must optimize your local online and in-store presence to meet consumers where they are at every point of their journey.

Optimizing Your Brand for Mobile Local Searches

The first step to making your business more mobile-friendly is understanding what mobile search users expect. Whether they are searching remotely or inside the store, users want to quickly know the ins and outs of a location. Each of your locations should be easily accessible via mobile devices, offering hyper-local, accurate, responsive information regarding directions, inventory, product details, and more.

Your brand should also be optimized for local SEO so mobile search users can easily find you. Optimize your locations for Google My Business and Facebook, which are becoming another major source for local information. Additionally, as zero-click searches become more prominent, take steps to stay on top of Google search results pages by regularly publishing unique, accurate, engaging, and relevant hyper-local content to your website and GMB profiles.

Elevate Your Mobile Strategy

For more insights on how to make your multi-location brand more mobile-friendly, read our whitepaper, 2020 Mobile Local Playbook. Inside you will learn more about what consumers look for when performing mobile local searches, how to optimize your business for mobile local search marketing, and some key mobile-friendly strategies to boost conversions at your locations.